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Kuakata is a beauty of nature.It is truly a virgin beach a sanctuary for migratory winter birds,a series of coconut trees , sandy beach of blue bay of Bengal.It has a  unique beauty. It is situated on the southern tip at Patuakhali district in Bangladesh . It is about 320 KM from Dhaka (capital city of  Bangladesh) and about 70KM from patuakhali town .It is about 30KM long and 6 KM wide. It has a severe natural setting like coconut forest ,rangamati forest, reserve forest, Patna reserve forest.

The name of kuakata originated from the word ``kua’’ the English word from well kuakata means ``digging a well’’.It gives us a full view of the sunrise and sunset. The sunrises from the sea in the east and at days end sinks into it in west.Both the charming sights can be seen from the beach itself It is a great opportunity and in the world this type of  opportunity is only in japan.

Rakhain is a familiar tribe of Bangladesh. They live in kuakata and near area. Many years ago they had come in Bangladesh from Myanmar .  Locally kuakata known as sagar kannya(daughter of the sea) is a rare scenic beautiful spot in Bangladesh. It has a lot of tourist spots.Tourist come here and see the beauty of nature which is surrounding by the green forest. It is also a sanctuary for migratory winter birds . The wonderfull senary of the kuakata sea beach is a combination of the picturesque natural beauty , sandy beach, blue sky, huge expanse of water of the bay of Bengal. The coconut trees enhances the scenic beauty of this sea beach . As a mangrove forest rongamati like the Sundarbans offer some protection against tidal surges however it too is being threatened by logging and deforestation.

 The exists road communication between Dhaka patuakhali district. Accessible by road water or air transport up to Barisal.Volvo express has introduced direct bus service from Dhaka to Kuakata via Barisal . The best way to reach the forest is by foot ,bus, or bike from Dhaka and then you will get bus services to go to kuakata. Some hotels and motels are available in this area. If you want to saty there , you can .

To visit rangamati in the late afternoon is a better time .kuakata is a place where pilgrimage for both Hindu and Buddist communities. Innumerable devotees come here when the festival of rush purnima and maghi purnima start. One these two occasions the pilgrimage take holy bath at bay of Bengal . Someone may also visit 100 years old buddhist temple where the statue of Goutama Buddha. Buddha temple is situated near the sea beach. The temple made of wood and tin . It can not be surely said that at which time it was built. The statue of buddha  made by eight metal situated on a three foot high stand. It is 2nd embodiment in south asia.

Jhauban is one of the beautiful place of kuakata and close to the sea beach.  One can go there by walking . There also has a park named eco park. Eco park is very essential spot for picnic . The shutki pllay is a place where get dry fish . Dry fish  is very tasty to eat . From kuakata you can visit to a part of the great sundarban reserve forest.If you want to enjoy more you will also go sundarban.

If you are adventurous you may go for fishing on the fish boat and watch the life style of the fishermen. that will give you pleasure and experience that is impossible to gather from anywhere else. At the end of the day fishermen returning from the sea with hilsa fish ,you will see them .The main occupation of the people here is fishing . fishermen dry fishes one a point of the beach.

There has some good news for the tourists that signal information will help them in dangerous situation . Recently the beach is consequently the govt does not take necessary steps ti save this beach. Otherwise we may loss a valuable tourist spot . Porjoton corporation of Bangladesh always helps both customer and tourist by giving them various facilities.
The main tourist season in winter but all over the year tourists visit this place. You can observe the life style of tribe Rakhains in kuakata who are very friendly to the tourist and visitors .

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