Monday, December 19, 2011


Mongla Port is the second largest river port in Bangladesh .The first and big river port is Chittagong. Mongla port is situated  about 48 km south of Khulna town. The port was developed initially about 18 km up at chalna. It was opened to foreign vessels as an anchorage on 11 December 1950. 

The anchorage was shifted to Mongla in 1954 as the place could accommodate sea-going vessels with greater draughts.The port of Mongla``Mongla port”named after chalna. Mongla is situated on the confluence of the rivers pasur and rampal upazila of bagerhat district.  At the beginning of the Pakistan period, the administration of the port was under a port director, whose main office was at Khulna.

Mongla was a busy port in the past and at times. since 1980, the port often remained closed on account of it lost proper depth required for the ocean-going ships and every time it was reopened after dredging. At present, about 400 ships berth at the port in a year . the port annually handles about 3 million MT of imports and exports.

The port has 11 jetties, 7 shades for loading and unloading of goods and 8 warehouses. It uses 12 swinging moorings or floating berthing places in deeper sections in the river . The port has trade links with almost all major ports of the world. Not only from ports of Asia,but also the Middle East, Australia, Europe and North America and the ships rarely come to Mongla from the countries of Latin America or Africa .

Besides promotion of imports and exports of the country, the port contributes to development of many industries and trading houses in surrounding places and along with this, of new infrastructures and job opportunities. Many local people are working in the port directly in loading and unloading vessels. 

The Authority of Mongla Port , administers the port constructed a rest house for the seamen at a place named Heron Point. when foreign ships visited this port  Khulna, Mongla, Gouramva, Lakhpur, Bagerhat , Fakirhat, Rampal, Chaksree and Morelganj at that time supplied good quality of cheaper rice, pulse,  coconut, battle nut, tobacco, indigo and salt. All these items including rice of Barisal were ferried by boats to Calcutta and Saptagram through Mongla.

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