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The pyramid of Giza is one of the greatest architectural achievements in the world. Among the major tourist sites there are only one considered to be the major and top of any list – The Pyramid of Giza.It has achieved the world oldest tourist attraction for this reason every year most of the people visit here. It has also the last surviving member of the seven wonders of the world .Mainly there are three pyramids in Giza  like as the great pyramid of khufu, The pyramid of kafhre, The pyramid of menkaura which were built in the 4th Dynasty(circa 2550Bc) .It were built as tombs for kings and queens. It enriched with exclusive privilege to have a pyramid tomb and this traditional only applied in the old and middle kingdoms. 

Although there are more than 93 pyramids in Egypt ,Giza is more famous .It is situated about  9KM (5mil) inland into the desert from the old town of Giza on the Nile and about 25 KM (15mil) southwest of Cairo city enter .It is bay far the oldest of the ancient wonders and the only one still in existence . About 4500 years ago it was built on a rocky desert plateau close to the Nile but the intriguing Egyptian pyramids were more than just tombs for king . Although  it were constructed during a short span of time early in a civilization , it has become famous world wide today.

The first large Egyptian pyramid was the step pyramid at Saqqara in order to protect the body of king Djoser who died around 2449 BCE.It was this symbol that heartland the short but remarkable age of the gigantic stone pyramids of ancient Egypt . The greatest achievements of the pyramid builders were the pyramids of Giza in order to kings khufu ,khafre,and menkaure who ruled through 2589-2504 BCE.The people of the ancient Egypt believed that death on earth was the start  of a journey to the next world.The body of the king was entombed to protect it and a place among the Gods. Each of the Giza pyramids is unused temple where rituals for the dead king and for the Egyptian Gods may have been carried out .

A causeway ran to a lower temple near the Nile floodplain. Three minor pyramids for his queens , pits for funerary boats are included into pyramids of khufu. At the beginning of the old kingdom era their people believed them to be manifestations of the God Horus .After his death the king became associated with Osiris father of Horus and God of the underworld . 

About 2589-2566 BCE , the old kingdom of Egypt was nearing a peak of prosperity and culture . His pyramid is astonishing because of it’s size. The great pyramid of Khufu contains 2.3 million stone blocks . The four side of it’s are oriented to the cardinal points of the compass and base about 230 meters long . It was designed by encased in smooth with limestone .The gigantic structure was 146 meters high. Khufus pyramid complex consists of a valley and it was connected to a causeway .

The causeway led to the mortuary temple of khufu. The mortuary temple was connected to the king ‘s pyramid and it has three smaller queens pyramid’s associated with it. It has 5 about pits and it contains a ship ,two pits on the south side of the pyramid . The pyramid were built by moving huge stone’s from a quarry and dragging lifting them into place . Now it is said that the building blocks were manufactured in place from a kind of limestone concrete.

At the time of Egypt’s old kingdom the pharaohs established a central government near the Nile valley. Ancient Egyptians believed that pharaohs became Osiris ,king of the dead after his dead . The new pharaohs became Horus , God of the heaven’s and protector of the sun God . Some part of a dead pharaohs spirit, called his ka ,was believed to remain with his body . The former pharaoh would not be able to carry out his new duties as king of the dead without proper care of it . Otherwise the chain would be broken and disaster would be fall Egypt . His body would continue to receive food offering’s long after his death. 

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