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Cox’s Bazar is one of the most attractive tourist spot in the country . It is a town of fishing port and district headquarters in Bangladesh.It is known world wide for it’s long  sandy beach which is the world’s longest natural sea beach. It is about 125KM sandy sea beach with gentle slope . It is situated about 150 KM south of Chittagong.The tourist spot ``Cox’s Bazar’’ is decorated with miles of golden sand towering cliffs,surfing waves, colorful pagodas, bud dist temples and tribes , delightful sea food. There are also  an ancient bud dist templates at arum. Teknaf is the southernmost tip of the main land in Bangladesh. Cox’s Bazar the world longest natural sandy sea beach with it’s incredible about 125 KM length and most visited tourist spot in Bangladesh .
The area  of town is 6.85 KM square and bounded by bakkhali river on the north and east bay of Bengal in the east.Climate of Bangladesh has a tropical monsoon type , with a hot rainy summer whereas a dry winter .The climate of Cox’s Bazar is mostly take after to the rest of the country. It is characterized by the location in the costal area . The annual average temperature is about a maximum of 34.8”c and minimum of 16.1”c . the average amount of rainfall remains at 4,285mm.
The warm shak free waters are good for bathing and swinging and while the sandy beaches offer opportunities for sun behind the waves of the sea is very wonderful . Locally made cigars and hand loom products of the tribal rakhyne families are good buys . every year a lot of foreign local tourist come here to enjoy very much . though the season is in winter but Cox’s Bazar sea beach is crowded through out the whole year. If you are adventurous and want to enjoy both wildness and madness of the ruff you can come to Cox’s Bazar in the month of mid April. 
 Chittagong area including Cox’s Bazar was the rule of Arakhan .The ruled it from 9th century . when the Mughal prince shash shuja was passing through the hilly terrain of the present day Cox’s Bazar on his way thousand palanquins stopped there for some time . The name Cox’s Bazar originated from the name of a British east indian company officer captain Hiram cox . At the end of British rule ,in 1947 Cox’s Bazar became an important part of east Pakistan Cox’s Bazar started to get the administrative attention when the Bangladesh was independent. The town commite of Cox’s Bazar was again turned Cox’s bazar into a municipality.,in 1972. In April 2007 bangle got connected to the submarine cable network as a member of the SEA-ME-WE 4 construction.
 Himchari is another beautiful place of Cox’s Bazar . It is about 32 KM south of Cox’s bazar .It is a perfect place for a picnic and photo shooting.The famous broken Hills and water falls here are rare sights . 

Inani beach is situated just on the beach and about 32KM south of Cox’s Bazar . Inani casts a  magic spell on those who step into the dreamland. It will take only half an hours from Cox’s Bazar .It is a perfect place for sea bathing and a picnic.       
Maheskhali is an island of Cox;sBazar sea beach .It has about 268KM area .Through the center of the Island and along the eastern coast line rises a range of low hills that is 300feet high .In the hills on the coast is built the shrine of adinath, dedicated to shiva.Ramu is a typical Buddhist village . It is about  16KM from Cox;sBazar on the main road to Chittagong . There are many kinds of monasteries,khyangs, and pagodas . These images  of Buddha in gold , brozen and other metals inlaid with precious stones. 

Sonadia island is about 9 square KM and about 7KM from Cox;s bazar . The western side of the island is sandy and various kinds of shells are found on the beach . In winter fisherman set up temporary camps on the island and dry their catchs of sea fish .Teknaf is situated on the naaf river and southernmost tip of Bangladesh . Myanmar is on the opposite bank of naaf river . wild animal and birds are available here 

Maheshkhali is a small island of the Cox’s Bazar coast that has about 268 square KM area . The island offers panoramic scenic beauty . It is covered by a range of low hills , about 300 feet (91m) high . The coasts of the island on the west and north form a low lying tract that is fringed by the mangrove forests. Adinath temple is a temple that carry symbol of Shiva . Stmartins island , is a beautiful island in the northeast part of the bay of Bengal. It is lies about 9KM south of the tip of Coxs Bazar . It is a unique coral island in Bangladesh . It is about 8KM west of the northwest coast of Myanmar at mouth of the naf river . The familiar name of it is ``narikel jinjera Tourists can book their trip from Chittagong or Cox;sBaz. Bandarban is a forest that lies three hours away from Cox’s Bazar by bus . It is an excellent place to visit .This  Theravada buddist temple is made completely in the style of south east asia .     

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