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Zanzibar sea beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. It is a unique symbol of beauty. Every year a large number of tourists come here to visit it. It is located in tanzania of southern Kenya. The powder white sand is so fine it literally squeaks between your toes. The island of tanzania is very attractive of the east African coast. There are about 30 beaches. The Nungwi is located near the northern tip of the island. This sea beach provides the perfect place to relax, soak up the sun and take a break from some busy sightseeing.

The beaches in zanziber are called as a paradise. It is the place where the people live a simple way of life. It provides some excellent game fishing opportunities. You can enjoy very much zanzibar’s best diving. This professional dive operation is situated at Ras Nungwi beach hotel. It enhances of our experience levels. When you will go travelling, you should aware of that 99% of the beaches disappear under the water at high tide. It has become very pertinent at the time of choosing your proffered accommodation since for an isolated location.

The lounge is very beautiful decorated with plenty of sofas and a littering of brightly colored zanzibari cushions. During the summer, it is very hot in zanzibar. When you feel very hot you can bath in the beach. My blue is located in splendid. Nungwi is one of the most beautiful spots lies in kenya and famous for its sunsets and the sea. My blue hotel was built with a view to respecting the environment and it is surrounded by an excellent service. It is located about 50Km from the stone town. Any person can arrive here via 60Km transfer on asphalt roads. Ras Nungwi beach hotel is an ideal location for all forms of water sports.

The local village of Nungwi is in close relationship for tourism. The fishermen sold their fish on the backs of bicycles. Zanaibar is still very much zanzibar in the wild northern region .The whole resort has been built to condense this feeling. The zanzibar chefs are famous for its seafood buffets and all freshly prepared. Breakfasts are traditionally centered on the variety of freshly prepared pastries. You can enough enjoy the ’s best diving at the northern tip of the island. It provides a much number of advantages like as pool, table tannins, dart,board games and a Tv room etc.At night you can take rest in hotels. There are hotel available where you can stay with your family. There are 50 rooms hotel that are located in a two story building. The room is divided into four grounds

The standard with a double bed and the deluxe located in the superior floors with a double bed. It is located in front of the sea and has a master bedroom. Every room is beautifully decorated with mosquito nets, a wardrobe with mirror, a desk, a luggage holder, air conditioning and a 33’’ LCD television with international channels etc. As you get closer and closer to the restaurant you are overwhelmingly stunned by the many enchanting different shades of blues of the Indian Ocean. The restaurant offers Italian and international cuisine.
There is a swimming pool. Moreover sun loungers, sun deckchairs and towels are available to the clients.
Other facilities:-
*Main bar
*A library
*table games
*Massage area
If you want to get pure oxygen, you must go the sea beaches specially Zanzibar sea beach. Pure oxygen is very essential for our healthy body. You can only take pure oxygen from the sea beaches. Oxygen is available here for you. You can visit here with your family and friends. Every year a large number of tourists come here to visit it. It is a source of knowledge. We can gather a lot of knowledge from here. If you want to get pleasure, you must come here. A tour can remove all kinds of tirade. 

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Marmara sea beach is one of the most beautiful sea beaches in the world. It is a symbol of unique beauty known to all. It is located southwestern coast of Crete at the end of Aradena Gorge. Day by day the popularity of the sea beach is increasing. The tavern on top of the cliffs offers a splendid view and some unique dishes including an ancient salad made of beans and served with olive oil and vinegar and a taco – Mexican food aficionados beware, the Cretan taco is crusty bread topped with raw tomato and feta cheese, far closer to an Italian brochette than to anything resembling a Mexican taco.

Most of the world’s avocados are grown in marmara sea beach. If you want to arrive Marmara sea beach, you will be aware of because of there are a lot of slightly trickily passages. You need walking shoes to walk. At the time of raining, you never walk in the gorge of Aradena. On the subject of stones, there are fair amounts of goats in the gorge. You will not pass night nearby it. Pure oxygen and physical exercises are available here. You can walk along the sea beach. In rainy season, you can reach the sea beach by boat. A small boat taking people reach there from Loutro to Marmara at 11.00am. If you have no idea about the village of Aradena, i would recommend you to visit it. 

You can get an excellent idea about the traditional Cretan architecture. If you need to carry on to chora sfakion, it is possible for you. Many people have a misconception that El Nido is a high expensive destination. If you want to take a tour, coast is nothing. To keep healthy body you must need pure oxygen. You can take rest in hotel. You can provide food item from hotels too. Tourist comes here to visit its natural beauty. I remember that to take education from the nature, it will long lasting. If you want to enjoy your life, you must come here. A tour can remove all tirades from our life.    

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Tayrona National Park is one of the most popular national park of Colombia.It is located on the Caribbean coast in the north of Colombia. It is about 34 Km from the city of santa Marta. There has an immense natural importance in this region and cultural treasure. It is the highest coastal mountain in the world. It is not directly attached to the majestic Andean mountain range. It has a coastline of 35 Km and rainforest at an altitude of 600 meters. The park covers approximately 30 Km.In the department of Magdalena, just 34 Km from the lovely city of santa marta lies the tayrona national park a sanctuary of nature and archaeological remains that invite an encounter with oneself. Mangrove Swamps, corals, magical dry and humid are home to a surprising Varity of vegetal and animal species that bear witness to life. In 1969 these 12,000 and 3,000 marine hectares were declared for their great biological value. During May, there are two rainy periods. Tayrona national park is a great site for eco- tourism and the stone paths that lead to it are very attractive to tourist. 

In the west of the national park is an arid area with light brown Hills and much of the area used to be the territory of the tayrona. There were approximately 2000 people living there between 450 and 1600 AD. It is located at an altitude of 235 meters. This park is well known natural preserve of Colombia. This 37,000 acre eco- tourism park includes reefs, beaches and tayrona Indian ruins. The temperature varies from 25-30 c, depending on the location. Climate is usually temperate to warm. This place looks like a paradise on earth. Somebody can feel too hot with temperature above 36 c. This beach attracts the mind of the tourist by its natural beauty. White beaches lined with tropical rainforest. When you walk through the shade of the tropical rainforest you will get quite temperatures. There are two rainy season from June – November. The climate is temperate and hot.

The park offers a big variety of Flora and Fauna. There have two ecosystems between the mountain and the sea. Tayrona national park is fascinating with wildlife. There are monkeys, red woodpeckers, iguanas, jaguars, a variety of lizards, tropical marine life and more than 400 species of birds. The vegetation is characterized by the ecological influence. This is a protected area and tourists can visit archeological site of pueblito. The southern part is very beautiful and then toward the west, crossing the following places with clear demarcations on the terrain :
 *santa Rosa Hill
*cielito pick
*Humo Hill

It includes about 108 species of mammals 300 species of birds and more than 70 species of bats are among the parks typical residents. To take pure oxygen, you must go to the tayrona national park. Pure oxygen is very essential for healthy body. Only you can take pure oxygen from the tayrona national park. Pure oxygen is available here. You can visit here with your family and friends. Every year a lot of tourist comes here to visit. It is a number one park among all national parks

If you decide to take food and water from home, it will be quite expensive. If you want to take food near by the park, you can do it. There are 3 restaurants, 2in the Canaveral zone. There are a lot of Hotels for taking rest .About 4-6 peoples can sleep in one cabin. There are also camping zones with a capacity for 76tents. If you want to avoid cooking, you can take a restaurant. If you can camp on the beach, you will enjoy very much.The area of its simply breathtaking. The sea beach will provide to you a pretty cold night. Here swimming and snorkeling will not always possible. If you want to get pleasure, you must come here.    

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Regularly gracing  the list of the most beautiful beaches in the world , this half moon of soft , white and is often referred to as Spain’s own ``Caribbean Beach”. Mention spanish beaches and most people instinctively think of the Mediterranean. Yet the wilder, stunning Atlantic coastline of Galicia, just beautiful beaches, has for more dramatic praias – with for fewer people on them. One of the jewels of this coast is on Las islas cies , a 40-minute boat trip from the pretty town of Baiona. It is one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. It attracts the mind of tourist by its beauty. It is a better place for picnic.There is a proverb – if you want to gather a lot of knowledge, you must go outside. So if you go any sea beaches specially ``Las islas cies .”You can enjoy very much during the summer season, it is only opened by the authority. So it is available for the people in summer. Any person can visit ``Las islas cies in summer. The beach is a part of uninhabited glimmering national park near to the city of Vigo. White and Yellow daisies smother the ground stretching beyond the Sand. You can access Las Islas Cies by boat. Gallegos come here to spend long, lazy summer days on the paria das Roads a perfect crescent of soft. Local people call it as ``Caribbean beach” and the water is turquoise enough.

When you dip your toe in the water, the sand white enough believe the comparison. Then you can enjoy very much. Figueiras beach is located in the Northern side of the island which is 500 meters from the boat landing and is around 300 meters long. You will often find people like to be nude on a beach go. It is only open to the public during the summer, arriving by boat and leaving to return to the mainland. Vigo is a very comfortable city to spend a long time because it is located in the North coast of spain. The climate is very soft and cute. The people of spain is very funny. 

At the time of evening, you can stay near the beach under the Umbrella and very interest. In the other hand You can go to the mountain and make a picnic. Las islas cies is a place that is most visited by tourist in summer season. In the afternoon you can visit different museum like as ``art museum” verbum museum and sea museum. Art museum is located in the center and sea museum is located in the Alcabre. At night you can go for a walk. There you can go to see ``The Nautico” and the different boards.

The most popular street for dancing is ``Elarenal”.If you want to dance, you can go there. The place is more visited by teenager’s shopping center and you can go to spend your time with your friends. If you want to get pleasure, you must come here. I assure, you must enjoy very much.                                                

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Palawan is an island province of the Philippines. It is situated in the MIMAROP a region. It is one of the most beautiful islands in the world. It is a unique symbol of beauty. It is called another food heaven. Every year it is visited by a large number of visitors. It is the capital of Puerto princes a city and the largest province in the country. The island of Palawan is stretch from Mindoro in the northeast to Borneo in the southwest. It is situated from the South China Sea –the Sulu Sea.The largest island is about 450 Km long and 50Km wide.I have lived in Palawan since1984. I am still here because i love the wide open spaces and the many beaches. Puerto princes is the major Palawan destination for Filipinos tourist Palawan and Puerto princes have become low coast tourist destination. The Philippine Bartending is a whale shark and a unique marine species. It is about 18-35 feet in length or 13-14meters and wide about 20ton. When it has a length of 4.5 meters, the weight is about 750kg. It is known to all that it has become the world’s tropical and warm temperate oceans.

You can find the highest whale sharks, anywhere in the world are in the Philippines.Saltwater crocodile is about 21foot long. It can take about 1,075Kilograme male at a time. Puerto prince’s city is a capital of Palawan. It has a population of about 200,000. A large number of people lived here. Both the Puerto prince’s city and Underground River are the most popular place for the Filipinos. Day after day a lot of discount flights coming into the city. Southern Palawan is a better place for traveling. You can arrive here via the east coast road. The transport system is very fine from here.

When you travel by boat, you will pass through taytay on your way to El nido. Taytay achieved the significant as the capital of Palawan became most famous for its 17th century Spanish garrison, Fort Isabel. taytay is a place that is not advanced. Personally, i like taytay very much. There are many activities in here. Among the activities Island hopping is the main activity around taytay.El nido is situated in the Northeast tip of Palawan. Hopping destination is a popular Island. It is famous for its breathtaking seascapes.

Many people have a misconception that El nido is a high expensive destination. If you want to take a tour, coast is nothing. It is a better place for picnic and tour. If you take education from the nature, it will long lasting. If you want to get pleasure, you must come here.  

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There are more than just quite a few good places to be explored and enjoyed around the grand garden city of Bangalore. It is one of the most hill stations in the world. It is enriched with classic temple destinations, wildlife retreats and heritage sites etc. It is located near Bangalore. It is the capital of the Indian state of Karnataka. It is a wonderful hill station which is located close to the Bangalore which is about 20Km from it. You can arrive here by car driving after passing 60Km and take about 2hours. Now day’s people are becoming more interested about traveling as the activity of choice. India has grown to become one of the hotter tourist spots and is becoming more and more frequented by tourist every year.

The eighth largest state of Indian Karnataka draws attention to it for its amazing tourist spots. There are many hills station likes as kudremukh, kemmangundi, nandi hills and horanadu etc. Agumbe is a village which is 826 meters height in the shimoga district. The visitors can enjoy a wonderful sunset view and trekking paths. The hill stations a raw forth tourist by its serenity and enchanting scenic beauty. A large number of tourists come here all day long. When you will enter the forests, you must be needed local guide. For this reason you can take help from the Karnataka mountaineering club. It is a symbol of unique beauty. Every thing of hill stations attracts the mind of tourist especially 14th century temple which was dedicated to lord Gopalakrishma. 

A few days ago, i made a visit to this beautiful hill. At 7 am, we started from sarjapur road at Bangalore. We passed about 27Km roads only because of heavy traffic and ongoing construction work. We covered the remaining 30Km in the NH7 in another 45 minutes. If you take education from the nature it will long lasting. It is a number one hill station in the world. If you want to enjoy your life, you must come here. There are a lot of hotels near by it. You can take rest there. A tour can remove all kinds of tirade.      

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Sydney has bondi, La has Venice Rio has Copacabana and ipanema town beaches that are both world famous and a microcosm of their city itself. I lived in Salvador Brazils oldest city, for several years and Porto da barra was where i would come for an early morning swim or a cold beer in the late afternoon. Barrra sea beach is one of the most beautiful sea beaches in the world. It is a unique symbol of beauty. Every year a large number of people come here to visit it. It is located in the city of Salvador. It is located at the entrance of the Baia is quite claim in the Barra sea beach. About 7,000 Km of east facing coast the porto is one of the few facing west and you can see sunsets from here. 

It is called that salvador is Brazils capital of happiness because of its easy going population and popular outdoor parties. The first colonial capital of Brazil, Salvador is one of the oldest in the Americans. Salvador was simply known as Bahia and it is the third most populous Brazilian city. It is famous for its cuisine, music and architecture. The African influence in many cultural aspects of the city makes it the center of Afro Brazilian culture.

The historical center of it is called the pelourinho that is famous for its Portuguese colonial architecture with historical monuments. In 1985,it was declared a world heritage site by UNESCO. Salvador is literally encircled by beaches. People come here to relax, cool off,chill,socialize,eat drink,dance,and of course swim etc. They vary from crowded city beaches great for meeting people to tropical Idylls up and down the coast. As world famous beach, a large number of people get to know in Salvador is porto da barra. It was the Bahia’s first European settlement.

Farol means a beacon here ``light house” the word the name of the small island of the coast of Alexandria Egypt. At the end of the beaches closest to the lighthouse is rocky that was protected by pools making. It is a better place for kids to safely play in the water. The far end of the beach is usually snuffer territory. Itapoan is another sea beach. It is a very beautiful sea beach in Brazil. It used to be a village quite apart from Salvador. After walking 5 Minutes, you will get beyond porto da barra. It is one of the most beautiful promenades in the world. You can get to the lighthouse and enjoy spectacular views of where the Atlantic meets the bay of all saints. 

Salvador became the main entry point for Dutch. During the17th-19th centuries a large number of Jews migrated to Bahia. Their cultural seeded among the colonies. Salvador was influenced by Catholicism.  In 1952 it had become the seat of the first catholic bishopric of Brazil. By 1583 there were living about 1600 people in the city and day after day it turned into one of the largest cities in the new world.
Salvador was divided into an upper and a lower city. Upper city was a place where a large number of populations lived and enjoy various kinds of facilities. The lower city was the financial center with a port and market. Salvador was the first capital of Brazil and achieved it in 1763.Pure oxygen is very essential for healthy body. To take pure oxygen you must go to the sea beach. 

You can only take pure oxygen from sea beaches specially Barra sea beach. Pure oxygen is available here. You can visit here with your family and friends. Every year a large number of tourists come here to visit it. It is a number one sea beach in the world. If you want to gather knowledge, you must go sea beach. It is a source of knowledge. If you take education from the nature, it will long lasting. If you want to gather pleasure, you must come here. A tour can remove all kinds of tirade. If you decide to take food and water from home, it will be quite expensive. If you want to take food nearby, you can do it
There are a lot of hotels for taking rest. There are 5 hotels and 3 restaurants here. If you want to avoid cooking food, you can take a restaurant. If you can camp on the beach, you will enjoy very much. The sea beach will provide you a pretty cold night. if you want to get pleasure you must come here. 

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Arambol sea beach is one of the most beautiful sea beaches in the world. It is a symbol of unique beauty. It is located about 50Km north of panaji, arambol a small remote fishing village has one of the most charming beaches of Goa. The beach attracts the mind of the tourist by its excellent location and great hospitality. Arambol beach is especially in many ways. Apart from offering peace and tranquility, the villages around Arambol also have a hand in enhancing the beauty of Arambol beach in Goa. The behavior of the villagers is friendly. You will introduce with the culture of Goa. It is a crowed beach in Goa.

There are miles and miles of long uninterrupted beaches with well- made tracks running around. It is known as arambol or Harmal, is located about 50Km from the panaji in north Goa. It is the capital of Goa. It is one of the largest coastal villages in pernem district. There are many ways in the village. It is famous as the beautiful beach for its calm and peach. Visitors come here to gather experience nature in its purest form.
It makes one fall in love with its small fishing boats, soft white sand, villages churches and the palm trees in row.

Arambol is the most demanding tourist spot of India. It is worldwide famous for its pristine beaches that provide wonderful opportunity to enjoy vacation in India. Goa tourism has gained popularity by its wildlife parks and sanctuaries, rich heritage and cultural beauty. Every year a large number of tourists come here to visit it. The Gothic, churches, marvelous forts, colonial buildings, heritage templates and colorful fairs enhance the beauty of the sea beach. All these are truly wonderful and are the golden facets of tourism of Goa Indian. It is a number one sea beach in the world. It has achieved ranking first position by its sun kissed beaches covering over 125Km of coastline, seven major rivers and their estuaries, hills and high cliffs etc.

The sea beach is a better place for picnic and swimming. It is an ideal place for tourist looking for peace and tranquility. The people of this area earn their livelihood by catching fish. The Harmal beach is about 2.5 Km from the village bus stop. It is called the queen beach of all beaches in Goa. If you take education from the nature, it will long lasting. A tour can remove all tirades. If you want to get pleasure you must come here.  

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Masai mara national reserve is kenya’s first wildlife. It is one of the most attractive safaris in the World. There has a lot of wildlife There has a scarcity of grassland, as a result animal are never out of sight .It is located 270 Km from Nairobi. The reserve is about 1510 square Km.However, the wildlife is far from being confined with in the reserve boundaries. It is filled with 450 species and 57 species of bird’s of prey. The climate is so hot and well spread rainfall year round. Masai mara is one of the best plains game reserve where anybody can encounter a live discovery channel.

The masai name is more popular for it’s wildlife park in the country.  One look is enough to explain it’s appeal this is classic African savanna and the sheer density of wildlife is amazing. It is the best known and the most patronize game sanctuary in Kenya. It is located on the south western part of Kenya and within the great Rift valley. Almost all species of animal’s can be seen in the masai. This co-existence of man and wildlife makes this masai land essentially the worlds most exceptional regions. 

You can see there elephants available. The lion, the tiger and cheetah which hunt Thomson’s ,Grant’s gazelle, Topi and many other species of plain. In the mara river , Hippo and crocodile submerges at the approach of a vehicle. Masai mara attracts the mind of the people by it’s riches of fauna, profusion of winged beauty and untouched fragility of the land scape.

Masai communities live in the area with their live stock. There people and wildlife live in peach with one another. The first sight of this natural wonderland is breathtaking. About a Million wide best enter the masai mara and are joined by another 100,000 from the Lita Hills. Driving in the Masai mara is an great experience.Air carries the smells and sound of thousands of animal. These animal is rare else on earth. There more animals die by drawing or by the teeth of the cunning crocodile. There has been devoured when fresh rain in Tanzania has brought forth a new flush there.

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The pyramid of Giza is one of the greatest architectural achievements in the world. Among the major tourist sites there are only one considered to be the major and top of any list – The Pyramid of Giza.It has achieved the world oldest tourist attraction for this reason every year most of the people visit here. It has also the last surviving member of the seven wonders of the world .Mainly there are three pyramids in Giza  like as the great pyramid of khufu, The pyramid of kafhre, The pyramid of menkaura which were built in the 4th Dynasty(circa 2550Bc) .It were built as tombs for kings and queens. It enriched with exclusive privilege to have a pyramid tomb and this traditional only applied in the old and middle kingdoms. 

Although there are more than 93 pyramids in Egypt ,Giza is more famous .It is situated about  9KM (5mil) inland into the desert from the old town of Giza on the Nile and about 25 KM (15mil) southwest of Cairo city enter .It is bay far the oldest of the ancient wonders and the only one still in existence . About 4500 years ago it was built on a rocky desert plateau close to the Nile but the intriguing Egyptian pyramids were more than just tombs for king . Although  it were constructed during a short span of time early in a civilization , it has become famous world wide today.

The first large Egyptian pyramid was the step pyramid at Saqqara in order to protect the body of king Djoser who died around 2449 BCE.It was this symbol that heartland the short but remarkable age of the gigantic stone pyramids of ancient Egypt . The greatest achievements of the pyramid builders were the pyramids of Giza in order to kings khufu ,khafre,and menkaure who ruled through 2589-2504 BCE.The people of the ancient Egypt believed that death on earth was the start  of a journey to the next world.The body of the king was entombed to protect it and a place among the Gods. Each of the Giza pyramids is unused temple where rituals for the dead king and for the Egyptian Gods may have been carried out .

A causeway ran to a lower temple near the Nile floodplain. Three minor pyramids for his queens , pits for funerary boats are included into pyramids of khufu. At the beginning of the old kingdom era their people believed them to be manifestations of the God Horus .After his death the king became associated with Osiris father of Horus and God of the underworld . 

About 2589-2566 BCE , the old kingdom of Egypt was nearing a peak of prosperity and culture . His pyramid is astonishing because of it’s size. The great pyramid of Khufu contains 2.3 million stone blocks . The four side of it’s are oriented to the cardinal points of the compass and base about 230 meters long . It was designed by encased in smooth with limestone .The gigantic structure was 146 meters high. Khufus pyramid complex consists of a valley and it was connected to a causeway .

The causeway led to the mortuary temple of khufu. The mortuary temple was connected to the king ‘s pyramid and it has three smaller queens pyramid’s associated with it. It has 5 about pits and it contains a ship ,two pits on the south side of the pyramid . The pyramid were built by moving huge stone’s from a quarry and dragging lifting them into place . Now it is said that the building blocks were manufactured in place from a kind of limestone concrete.

At the time of Egypt’s old kingdom the pharaohs established a central government near the Nile valley. Ancient Egyptians believed that pharaohs became Osiris ,king of the dead after his dead . The new pharaohs became Horus , God of the heaven’s and protector of the sun God . Some part of a dead pharaohs spirit, called his ka ,was believed to remain with his body . The former pharaoh would not be able to carry out his new duties as king of the dead without proper care of it . Otherwise the chain would be broken and disaster would be fall Egypt . His body would continue to receive food offering’s long after his death. 

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Cottesloe beach is one of the most popular beaches in the world. Cottesloe beach about 15 minutes drives from Perth and about 600 meters walk from the train station Cottesloe. It is a perfect place for picnic and walking . The word `` Cottesloe beach” comes from Cottesloe beach chalets. Here, tourist can take open and fresh air. It is one of the best places to watch the sunset into the Indian ocean, mainly in western Australian’s award winning glass of wine.

It was home to Australian prime minister john curtain. It located in Jarrad street. Now, it is used not only the national trust Australia(WA) and curtain university. It is famous world wide because of it’s beaches ,cafes and relaxed lifestyle. It is bounded by the vlamingh memorial to the south , stirling highway  and west coast highway to the east. Shopping area is located nearby stirling highway and a 9 hole galf course is on jarrad street.At the ABS 2006 census,it had a population of 7,066 people live in 3,310 dwellings and 69.7%of which are detached houses on separate lots.

The beach are reflection of the changes in the last 110 years of Perths history. The photos and painting of cottesloe beach give evidence of the importance of beach oriented activities in the Perth community. It becomes a popular place in order to both beach cricket and tourist spot. It is famous widely on account of it’s superb beach and terraced laws overlooking the Indian ocean.

During 3.5 star accommodation welcomes everyone from families to couples and business travelers alike. You will feel our friendly hospitality when you stay at the chalets.The facilities and services expected by even the most discerning traveler are available here. Our outdoor swimming pool with barbecue facilities is the perfect way to relax. The traveler can take an excellent breakfast , lunch and dinner menus from cottesloe cafe and bar restaurant.

We provide a daily same day dry cleaning service to all our guests. There have many shopping centers are near by with train and bus services only a short stroll away.  

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