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The Louvre Museum is one of the world's largest museums .It enhance”s the beauty of france.It is the most visited art museum in the World and a historic monument. A central landmark of Paris, it is located on the Right bank of the seine in the 1st arrondissement (district) . About 35,000 objects from prehistory to the 19th century which are exhibited over an area of 60,600 square meters (652,300 square feet). The museum is housed in the Louvre Palace . It began as a fortress built in the late 12th century under Philip II. At the beginning of French Revolution, the National Assembly decreed that the Louvre should be used as a museum, to display the nation's masterpieces. 

The building was elaborated many times to form the present Louvre Palace. In 1682, Louis XIV chose the Palace of Versailles for his household, leaving the Louvre primarily as a place to display the royal collection, including, from 1692, a collection of antique sculpture. On 10 August 1793 the museum opened with an exhibition of 537 paintings, the majority of the works being royal . In( 1796- 1801) , the museum was closed on account of structural problems with the building .The size of the collection elaborated under Napoleon and the museum was named after the Musée Napoléon. After the defeat of Napoléon at Waterloo, many works seized by his armies were returned to their original owners.

The collection was further elaborated at the beginning of the reigns of Louis XVIII and Charles X, and during the Second French Empire the museum gained 20,000 pieces. Holdings have grown steadily through donations and gifts since the Third Republic.As of 2008, the collection is divided among eight curatorial departments.
* Egyptian Antiquities
* Near Eastern Antiquities
* Etruscan
* Roman Antiquities
* Islamic Art
* Sculpture
* Decorative Arts
* Paintings
* Prints and Drawings

In the 12th century the Louvre Palace which houses the museum was begun as a fortress by Philip II .Although it was the first building on that spot is not known, it is possible that Philip modified an existing tower. Everybody believe that the word 'louver' may refer to the structure's status as the largest in late 12th century Paris. The Louvre Palace was altered frequently during the Middle Ages. In the 14th century, Charles V converted the building into a residence. In 1546, Francis I renovated the site in French Renaissance style. Francis acquired what would become the nucleus of the Louvre's holdings. After Louis XIV chose Versailles as his residence in 1682, however, the move permitted the Louvre to be used as a residence for artists. At the beginning of 18th century there was an increasing number of proposals to create a public gallery with Lafont Saint-Yenne publishing, in 1747, a call for a display of the royal collection'.

On 14 October 1750, Louis XV sanctioned a display of 96 pieces from the royal collection mounted in the  Galerie royale de peinture of the Luxembourg Palace.In 1776 the comte d'Angiviller broadened the collection and proposed conversion of the Grande Galerie of the Louvre – which contained maps – into the "French Museum"many proposals were offered for the Louvre's renovation into a museum, however everybody refused it. The museum remained incomplete until the French Revolution. 

The department comprising over 50,000 pieces which includes artifacts from the Nile civilizations. It enriched with the world's largest overviews such as Egyptian life spanning Ancient Egypt, the Middle Kingdom, the New Kingdom, Coptic art, and the Roman, Ptolemaic, and Byzantine periods. Origins was augmented by Napoleon's 1798 expeditionary trip with Dominique Viv ant, the future director of the Louvre. After Jean-François Champollion translated the Rosetta Stone, Charles X decreed that an Egyptian Antiquities department be created.

The Greek, Etruscan, and Roman department displays pieces from the Mediterranean Basin dating from the Neolithic to the 6th century. The collection of spans from the Cycladic period refuse by the Roman Empire. This department is one of the museum's oldestand it began with appropriated royal art. In the 19th century, the Louvre achieved works including vases from the Durand collection. In 640 BC ,he archaic is demonstrated by jewellery and pieces such as the limestone Lady of Auxerre. 

Leonardo di Vinci was an Italian Renaissance polymath: painter, sculptor, architect, musician, scientist, mathematician, engineer, inventor, anatomist, geologist, cartographer, botanist and writer whose genius, perhaps more than that of any other figure, epitomized the Renaissance humanist ideal. Leonardo has often been described as the archetype of the Renaissance Man, a man of "unquenchable curiosity" and "feverishly inventive imagination". He is considered one of the greatest painters of all time and perhaps the most diversely talented person ever to have lived. Leonardo was renowned primarily as a painter. Among his works, the Mona Lisa is the most famous and most parodied portrait.

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The taj mahal is one of the most wonderful architectural building the world.It is located in agra of India.It is a white marble mausoleum situated in Agra.It was built by Mughal emperor shah jahan in memory of his third wife mumtaz mahal. The Taj Mahal is widely recognized as "the jewel of Muslim art “in India . It is universally admired masterpieces of the world's heritage . Taj Mahal is the best example of Mughal architecture, a style that combines elements of Turkish, Persian and Indian architectural styles.

In 1983 UNESCO declared , the Taj Mahal as a world Heritage site. When it became familiar component of the Taj Mahal, it is actually an integrated complex of structures. The construction began around 1632 and was completed around 1653, employing thousands of artisans and craftsmen. The construction of the Taj Mahal was entrusted to a board of architects under imperial supervision, including Abd ul-Karim Ma'mur Khan, Makramat Khan and Ustad Ahmad Lahauri.

Lahauri is generally considered to be the principal designer.In 1631 , Shah jahan was the emperor of the area during the Mughal empire’s period . He was grief-stricken when his third wife``Mumtaz Mahal” died during the birth of their 14th child. The court chronicles of Shah Jahan's grief illustrate the love story traditionally held as an inspiration for Taj Mahal. The principal mausoleum was completed in 1648 and the surrounding buildings and garden were finished five years later. Emperor Shah Jahan himself described the Taj in these words . 

The tomb is the central focus of the entire complex of the Taj Mahal. This large, white marble structure stands on a square plinth and made of a symmetrical building with an iwan   topped by a large dome and finial. The base structure is essentially a large, multi-chambered cube with chamfered corners, forming an unequal octagon that is approximately 55 meters (180 ft) on each of the four long sides . The marble dome that surmounts the tomb is the most spectacular feature. Its height of around 35 meters (115 ft) is about the same as the length of the base, and is accentuated as it sits on a cylindrical "drum" which is roughly 7 meters (23 ft) high Because of its shape the dome is often called onion dome or amrud (guava dome).

There was about 300-metre (980 ft) square charbagh or Mughal garden. The garden uses raised pathways that divide each of the four quarters of the garden into 16 sunken parterres or flowerbeds. A raised marble water tank at the center of the garden, halfway between the tomb and gateway with a reflecting pool on a north-south.

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Bangladesh has a rich history of ancient civilization,in the past. This aspect of history of human evolution honored this country with a great value – traditionally. Although some part of Mahasthangarh is in Bogra Sadar thana, mostly located in Shibganj thana under Bogra district. The ancient name of Mahasthangarh was Pundranagar which was used to be the capital Pundravardhana.It is the earliest urban archaeological site that so far discovered in Bangladesh. The archaeological site 'Mahasthan' means a great place. Mahasthangarh is the oldest archaeological site of Bangladesh.The village Mahasthan in shibganj thana of Bogra District that contains  an ancient city which was called Pundranagara. A limestone slab bearing six lines in Prakrit in Brahmi script discovered in 1931, dates Mahasthangarh to at least the 3rd century BC.The fortified area was in use till the 18th century AD. The mazhar of Shah Sultan Balkhi Mahisawar built at site of a Hindu temple which is located at Mahasthangarh.

He was a dervish (holy person devoted to Islam) of royal lineage.He came to the Mahasthangarh area with with a view to spreading Islam among non-Muslims. He converted the people of the area to Islam and settled there.They started to live in peach there. Bangladesh has a rich history of ancient civilization,in the past. This aspect of history of human evolution honored this country with a great value – traditionally. Although some part of Mahasthangarh is in Bogra Sadar thana, mostly located in Shibganj thana under Bogra district.

Pundravardhana was the empire of the territory. In1931,the archeological site of the Mahasthangarh was discovered. It is declared that the site of Mahasthangarh was chosen for the capital city because it is one of the highest areas in Bangladesh because of belonging about36 meters high sea-level .Another reason for choosing this place was the position and size of the Karatoya, which seemed to be as wide as the sea.  There was a museum near the spot which named ``Mahasthangarh Archeological ``Museum’’.

Bogra is situated about 226 kilometer north-west from Dhaka and the Mahasthangarh site which is about 12 kilometer far away from the Bogra city. The whole area is rich in Hindu, Buddhist and Muslim sites. This archaeological site is still held to be of great sanctity by the Hindus. Every year ( mid-April )  thousands of Hindu join the ceremony on the bank of river Karatoa. This is small but well-maintained museum has a lovely set of objects which was discovered in the antique rich surroundings. The highlights are the statues of Hindu gods, terracotta plaques depicting scenes from daily life and some well-preserved bronze images mostly found in ancient monasteries.

Mahasthangarh, the ancient capital of Pundravardhana is situated about 11 km north of Bogra on the Bogra-Rangpur highway with a feeder road leading to Jahajghata and site museum . Buses are available for Bogra from Dhaka and take 4½ hours for the journey via Bangabandhu Jamuna Bridge across the Jamuna River. Buses are available from Bogra to Mahasthangarh. It stands on the red soil of the Barind Tract. The elevation of 15 to 25 metres above the surrounding areas makes it a relatively flood free physiographic .The citadel measuring roughly about 1.523 km long from north to south and about 1.371 km from east to west with high and wide ramparts in all its wings. The Karatoya once a mighty river but now a small stream flows on its east .

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Mongla Port is the second largest river port in Bangladesh .The first and big river port is Chittagong. Mongla port is situated  about 48 km south of Khulna town. The port was developed initially about 18 km up at chalna. It was opened to foreign vessels as an anchorage on 11 December 1950. 

The anchorage was shifted to Mongla in 1954 as the place could accommodate sea-going vessels with greater draughts.The port of Mongla``Mongla port”named after chalna. Mongla is situated on the confluence of the rivers pasur and rampal upazila of bagerhat district.  At the beginning of the Pakistan period, the administration of the port was under a port director, whose main office was at Khulna.

Mongla was a busy port in the past and at times. since 1980, the port often remained closed on account of it lost proper depth required for the ocean-going ships and every time it was reopened after dredging. At present, about 400 ships berth at the port in a year . the port annually handles about 3 million MT of imports and exports.

The port has 11 jetties, 7 shades for loading and unloading of goods and 8 warehouses. It uses 12 swinging moorings or floating berthing places in deeper sections in the river . The port has trade links with almost all major ports of the world. Not only from ports of Asia,but also the Middle East, Australia, Europe and North America and the ships rarely come to Mongla from the countries of Latin America or Africa .

Besides promotion of imports and exports of the country, the port contributes to development of many industries and trading houses in surrounding places and along with this, of new infrastructures and job opportunities. Many local people are working in the port directly in loading and unloading vessels. 

The Authority of Mongla Port , administers the port constructed a rest house for the seamen at a place named Heron Point. when foreign ships visited this port  Khulna, Mongla, Gouramva, Lakhpur, Bagerhat , Fakirhat, Rampal, Chaksree and Morelganj at that time supplied good quality of cheaper rice, pulse,  coconut, battle nut, tobacco, indigo and salt. All these items including rice of Barisal were ferried by boats to Calcutta and Saptagram through Mongla.

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Byron bay beach is a gift of nature. It is one of the most beautiful sea beach in the world . Byron beach are like a dream but it is actually come true. If Australlia does one things relay well it has to be the beaches.It may be a surprise but cape Byron is not all sand and surf .If you walk up Lee lane from the captain cook look out , you will find yourself in littoral rainforest .You will be rewarded by a wonder view to the south along tallow beach hand may be hang - gliders taking off from the wooden platform . You must almost certainly see pods of bottle nose dolphins from up here and possibly rays and sea turtles.

Byron shire offers over boom of beaches from the busy patrolled beaches near the town to isolated coves , nudist  and dog friendly beaches with in 10-15minutes drive . Ranging in temperature from around 18c in the winter to26c in the summer, the winter is perfect for most of the year .All year round wear a hat and high rating sunscream  as even in winter the Australian sun burns.The epic waves have been attracting surfers to Wat egos and Main Beach for years.Now-a days visitors come to Byrons beaches for meditation, massage, hang gliding, walks and sheltered swimming as much as tubular waves.

Buy exotic fruit from the famous monthly Byron Bay Community Markets, where jugglers, mime-artists and musicians add to the color. Or stop at a roadside stall for coffee, avocados and macadamias.At the September Taste of Byron festival,you can sample food and coffee from Byron finest restaurants and best baristas.Enjoy everything from sinful breakfasts to fresh juices and gelato in Byrons thriving cafes. Or dine on carefully-prepared organic fare at award-winning restaurants and luxury guesthouses. To really embrace the laid back Byron lifestyle, sit down to a leisurely lunch of local seafood.

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The Statue of Liberty was a symbol of friendship from the people of France to the people of the United States and is a universal symbol of freedom and democracy. It was dedicated on October 28, 1886, designated as a National Monument in 1924.Everyday thousands of people comes here to visit it.All visitors must purchase a ticket for boat transportation through Statue Cruises. They must pass through security screening before boarding any ferry. The Statue of Liberty is more than a monument and symbol of freedom to millions around the world. The interior of the base of the Statue, and the historic fort that is the foundation of the Statue, are scheduled for necessary upgrades to stairwells, elevators and mechanical systems.
This plaque situated in the Statue of Liberty exhibit, has come to symbolize the statue's universal message of hope and freedom for immigrants coming to America. One hundred years ago, the people of France gave the Statue to the people of the United States.on October 28, 1986, the Statue of Liberty National Monument celebrated her 100th birthday.

 The Statue was a joint effort between America and France. Alexander Gustavo Eiffel (designer of the Eiffel Tower) was commissioned to design the massive iron pylon .At last it was possible in motivating the people of America to donate.The statue of liberty is quite possibly the most photographed statue or monument anywhere in the America. Weather can vary greatly in New York City area, including NY Harbor.


The Eiffel tower is a puddle iron lattice tower. It is one of the most beautiful and biggest towers in the world. The nick name of it's is ``La dame de fer'' . It is situated in the champ de mars in paris . It has become both a global icon of France and one of the most recognizable structures in the world. The tower is the tallest building in the world. Every year a large number of tourists come here to visit it. The tower was built as the entrance arch to the 1889 world’s Fair Named after its designer, engineer Gustsv Eiffile.The tower stands 324 meters (1,063 ft) tall, and height as an 81-storey building .It is the second tallest structure in France , after the mill au viaduct as a broadcast antennas.The tower has divided into three levels for visitors.

They can collect Tickets from stairs or lift, to the first and second levels. The walk from ground level to the first level is over 300 steps, as is the walk from the first to the second level. Not only first levels but also 2nd levels are restaurants. The tower has already become the most significant symbol of both Paris and France. At first the structure was built in 1887 as the entrance arch for the exposition universally, a world's Fair.Three hundred workers joined together 18,038 pieces of puddled iron, using two and a half million rivets, in a structural design by Maurice koechlin.Eiffel was assisted in the design by engineers Emilee Nouguier , Maurice Koechlin and architect Stephen Sauvestre .

Eiffel took safety precautions, including the use of movable staging’s, guard-rails and screens. The tower was inaugurated on 31 March 1889, and opened on 6 May. At the time of it's building it was must  criticized by the public .Gustave Eiffel engraved on the tower seventy-two names of French scientists, engineers and other notable people. It is a very wonderful invention of science.             

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Shait Gombuj mosque is one of the most beautiful mosque in the world .Among  the many surviving monuments , the Shait Gombuj mosque is one of the best design. It is the largest mosque in Bangladesh. It lies in Bagerhat district.In order to outstanding architectural value, the World Heritage Committee of UNESCO declared bagerhart in the World Heritage list and it achieved the status of the second World Heritage site in Bangladesh after Paharpur. As there were a lot of mosques, the Historian, a French monthly termed it a city of mosques.

It is situated in the sundarbans of bagerhat city in the Khulna Division of Bangladesh.Bagerhat is about 15 miles south east of Khulna and 200 miles.Actually Khulna is known as Khalifatabad. About 15th century ,the city was founded by ulugh khan jahan ali. The shait Gombuj mosque is a  sixty pillars mosque which is constructed with 60 pillars and 77 domes. It is a unique symbol of architectural value. every year a large numbers of tourist come here to visit it. It is known world wide. It attracts the attraction of the tourist by its unique beauty. The mosque is used as both prayers and assembly hall.


Khan Jahan Ali came from Delhi to settle a Muslim colony in this swampland in the early-15th century AD with a view to knowing people about islam . he constructed about 360 mosques , many freshwater tanks, as well as palaces, mausoleums as well as other public buildings in a very short space of time. The Shait Gombuj Mosque is the most magnificent and beautifull , certainly the largest brick mosque among the Bangladesh.

The name Shait Gombuj mosque meaning '60 domes', is misleading as in reality, it is roofed over with 77 small domes supported by a forest of slender columns covering a large prayer hall.

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On 16 December 1971,After 9 month fight with Pakistan on 1971Bangladesh got freedom. On 16 December is a national holiday to Bangladeshi people for celebrating victory day. In every corner of the country victory day celebrate with festive. People wear dress which are combination of green and read looks like national flag.The red circle reflects the glory of liberation and the green part of the flag symbolize the green Bangladesh . We  go to national memorial to pay tribute to the martyr and bow down our head in front of the national memorial.

National Memorial is a significant monument in order to of its height and geometric combination.The national memory was built to nursery  the honor of martyrs of liberation war of Bangladesh in 1971 .This place is regard very holy place in all over the Bangladesh .

 People come here on victory day and pay their tribute to the martyr. The national memorial lies in the middle of well manicured gardens. It is surrounded by graves of unknown soldiers who helped to fight for the independence of Bangladesh. This monument is the symbol of pride of Bangladeshi people . It might not be a "must see",  if you get any chance of course check it out.The people of this country sacrifice their life for independence of their motherland.Life is the most valuable thing for every human being.But mother land was more valuable thing than their life.So they would be able to sacrifice their life.      

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Sundarban is one of the largest mangrove forests on the world. It is spreading across parts of Bangladesh and west Bangla, India. It’s features a complex network of tidal water way and islands of salt tolerate mangrove forests . The name of sundarbans can be translated as ``beautiful forest” in Bangla language. The name of its may have been derived from the sundari trees.

It is found in sundarban at large numbers. The forest lies on the Bay of Bengal formed by the super confluence of the Padma, Meghna Rivers across saiyan southern Bangladesh. It is a virgin forest that until recently owed nothing to human endeavor. Here both water and land meet a lot of novel fashion.   It lies about 70 KM (50mi) into the Bangladeshi indian hinterland from the coast. 

In 1997 sundarbans has been declared a world Heritage site by UNESCO . It covers an area of 10,500sq KM of which ine third is covered in water or marsh areas. It has the world’s largest mangrove forests after being a unique largest mangrove Eco – system of the world. This littoral forest is the only ecological habitat of the tiger of its kind not only in India but also in the world expect in Bangladesh. Both the mangrove vegetation and tidal forms in sundarbanare responsible for dynamic Eco –system .

The planed communities are continuously adjusting to the new facilities. The unique mangrove forest sundarban  is the home of a number of endangered and globally threatened species .
The area of sundarbans provides nursery grounds for many species like as fish, invertebrates. In spite of the heavy use of the forest for timber, pulpwood etc, it continues to support a diverse fauna of 35species of reptile . 


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Cox’s Bazar is one of the most attractive tourist spot in the country . It is a town of fishing port and district headquarters in Bangladesh.It is known world wide for it’s long  sandy beach which is the world’s longest natural sea beach. It is about 125KM sandy sea beach with gentle slope . It is situated about 150 KM south of Chittagong.The tourist spot ``Cox’s Bazar’’ is decorated with miles of golden sand towering cliffs,surfing waves, colorful pagodas, bud dist temples and tribes , delightful sea food. There are also  an ancient bud dist templates at arum. Teknaf is the southernmost tip of the main land in Bangladesh. Cox’s Bazar the world longest natural sandy sea beach with it’s incredible about 125 KM length and most visited tourist spot in Bangladesh .
The area  of town is 6.85 KM square and bounded by bakkhali river on the north and east bay of Bengal in the east.Climate of Bangladesh has a tropical monsoon type , with a hot rainy summer whereas a dry winter .The climate of Cox’s Bazar is mostly take after to the rest of the country. It is characterized by the location in the costal area . The annual average temperature is about a maximum of 34.8”c and minimum of 16.1”c . the average amount of rainfall remains at 4,285mm.
The warm shak free waters are good for bathing and swinging and while the sandy beaches offer opportunities for sun behind the waves of the sea is very wonderful . Locally made cigars and hand loom products of the tribal rakhyne families are good buys . every year a lot of foreign local tourist come here to enjoy very much . though the season is in winter but Cox’s Bazar sea beach is crowded through out the whole year. If you are adventurous and want to enjoy both wildness and madness of the ruff you can come to Cox’s Bazar in the month of mid April. 
 Chittagong area including Cox’s Bazar was the rule of Arakhan .The ruled it from 9th century . when the Mughal prince shash shuja was passing through the hilly terrain of the present day Cox’s Bazar on his way thousand palanquins stopped there for some time . The name Cox’s Bazar originated from the name of a British east indian company officer captain Hiram cox . At the end of British rule ,in 1947 Cox’s Bazar became an important part of east Pakistan Cox’s Bazar started to get the administrative attention when the Bangladesh was independent. The town commite of Cox’s Bazar was again turned Cox’s bazar into a municipality.,in 1972. In April 2007 bangle got connected to the submarine cable network as a member of the SEA-ME-WE 4 construction.
 Himchari is another beautiful place of Cox’s Bazar . It is about 32 KM south of Cox’s bazar .It is a perfect place for a picnic and photo shooting.The famous broken Hills and water falls here are rare sights . 

Inani beach is situated just on the beach and about 32KM south of Cox’s Bazar . Inani casts a  magic spell on those who step into the dreamland. It will take only half an hours from Cox’s Bazar .It is a perfect place for sea bathing and a picnic.       
Maheskhali is an island of Cox;sBazar sea beach .It has about 268KM area .Through the center of the Island and along the eastern coast line rises a range of low hills that is 300feet high .In the hills on the coast is built the shrine of adinath, dedicated to shiva.Ramu is a typical Buddhist village . It is about  16KM from Cox;sBazar on the main road to Chittagong . There are many kinds of monasteries,khyangs, and pagodas . These images  of Buddha in gold , brozen and other metals inlaid with precious stones. 

Sonadia island is about 9 square KM and about 7KM from Cox;s bazar . The western side of the island is sandy and various kinds of shells are found on the beach . In winter fisherman set up temporary camps on the island and dry their catchs of sea fish .Teknaf is situated on the naaf river and southernmost tip of Bangladesh . Myanmar is on the opposite bank of naaf river . wild animal and birds are available here 

Maheshkhali is a small island of the Cox’s Bazar coast that has about 268 square KM area . The island offers panoramic scenic beauty . It is covered by a range of low hills , about 300 feet (91m) high . The coasts of the island on the west and north form a low lying tract that is fringed by the mangrove forests. Adinath temple is a temple that carry symbol of Shiva . Stmartins island , is a beautiful island in the northeast part of the bay of Bengal. It is lies about 9KM south of the tip of Coxs Bazar . It is a unique coral island in Bangladesh . It is about 8KM west of the northwest coast of Myanmar at mouth of the naf river . The familiar name of it is ``narikel jinjera Tourists can book their trip from Chittagong or Cox;sBaz. Bandarban is a forest that lies three hours away from Cox’s Bazar by bus . It is an excellent place to visit .This  Theravada buddist temple is made completely in the style of south east asia .     

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Kuakata is a beauty of nature.It is truly a virgin beach a sanctuary for migratory winter birds,a series of coconut trees , sandy beach of blue bay of Bengal.It has a  unique beauty. It is situated on the southern tip at Patuakhali district in Bangladesh . It is about 320 KM from Dhaka (capital city of  Bangladesh) and about 70KM from patuakhali town .It is about 30KM long and 6 KM wide. It has a severe natural setting like coconut forest ,rangamati forest, reserve forest, Patna reserve forest.

The name of kuakata originated from the word ``kua’’ the English word from well kuakata means ``digging a well’’.It gives us a full view of the sunrise and sunset. The sunrises from the sea in the east and at days end sinks into it in west.Both the charming sights can be seen from the beach itself It is a great opportunity and in the world this type of  opportunity is only in japan.

Rakhain is a familiar tribe of Bangladesh. They live in kuakata and near area. Many years ago they had come in Bangladesh from Myanmar .  Locally kuakata known as sagar kannya(daughter of the sea) is a rare scenic beautiful spot in Bangladesh. It has a lot of tourist spots.Tourist come here and see the beauty of nature which is surrounding by the green forest. It is also a sanctuary for migratory winter birds . The wonderfull senary of the kuakata sea beach is a combination of the picturesque natural beauty , sandy beach, blue sky, huge expanse of water of the bay of Bengal. The coconut trees enhances the scenic beauty of this sea beach . As a mangrove forest rongamati like the Sundarbans offer some protection against tidal surges however it too is being threatened by logging and deforestation.

 The exists road communication between Dhaka patuakhali district. Accessible by road water or air transport up to Barisal.Volvo express has introduced direct bus service from Dhaka to Kuakata via Barisal . The best way to reach the forest is by foot ,bus, or bike from Dhaka and then you will get bus services to go to kuakata. Some hotels and motels are available in this area. If you want to saty there , you can .

To visit rangamati in the late afternoon is a better time .kuakata is a place where pilgrimage for both Hindu and Buddist communities. Innumerable devotees come here when the festival of rush purnima and maghi purnima start. One these two occasions the pilgrimage take holy bath at bay of Bengal . Someone may also visit 100 years old buddhist temple where the statue of Goutama Buddha. Buddha temple is situated near the sea beach. The temple made of wood and tin . It can not be surely said that at which time it was built. The statue of buddha  made by eight metal situated on a three foot high stand. It is 2nd embodiment in south asia.

Jhauban is one of the beautiful place of kuakata and close to the sea beach.  One can go there by walking . There also has a park named eco park. Eco park is very essential spot for picnic . The shutki pllay is a place where get dry fish . Dry fish  is very tasty to eat . From kuakata you can visit to a part of the great sundarban reserve forest.If you want to enjoy more you will also go sundarban.

If you are adventurous you may go for fishing on the fish boat and watch the life style of the fishermen. that will give you pleasure and experience that is impossible to gather from anywhere else. At the end of the day fishermen returning from the sea with hilsa fish ,you will see them .The main occupation of the people here is fishing . fishermen dry fishes one a point of the beach.

There has some good news for the tourists that signal information will help them in dangerous situation . Recently the beach is consequently the govt does not take necessary steps ti save this beach. Otherwise we may loss a valuable tourist spot . Porjoton corporation of Bangladesh always helps both customer and tourist by giving them various facilities.
The main tourist season in winter but all over the year tourists visit this place. You can observe the life style of tribe Rakhains in kuakata who are very friendly to the tourist and visitors .

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