Friday, January 6, 2012


Masai mara national reserve is kenya’s first wildlife. It is one of the most attractive safaris in the World. There has a lot of wildlife There has a scarcity of grassland, as a result animal are never out of sight .It is located 270 Km from Nairobi. The reserve is about 1510 square Km.However, the wildlife is far from being confined with in the reserve boundaries. It is filled with 450 species and 57 species of bird’s of prey. The climate is so hot and well spread rainfall year round. Masai mara is one of the best plains game reserve where anybody can encounter a live discovery channel.

The masai name is more popular for it’s wildlife park in the country.  One look is enough to explain it’s appeal this is classic African savanna and the sheer density of wildlife is amazing. It is the best known and the most patronize game sanctuary in Kenya. It is located on the south western part of Kenya and within the great Rift valley. Almost all species of animal’s can be seen in the masai. This co-existence of man and wildlife makes this masai land essentially the worlds most exceptional regions. 

You can see there elephants available. The lion, the tiger and cheetah which hunt Thomson’s ,Grant’s gazelle, Topi and many other species of plain. In the mara river , Hippo and crocodile submerges at the approach of a vehicle. Masai mara attracts the mind of the people by it’s riches of fauna, profusion of winged beauty and untouched fragility of the land scape.

Masai communities live in the area with their live stock. There people and wildlife live in peach with one another. The first sight of this natural wonderland is breathtaking. About a Million wide best enter the masai mara and are joined by another 100,000 from the Lita Hills. Driving in the Masai mara is an great experience.Air carries the smells and sound of thousands of animal. These animal is rare else on earth. There more animals die by drawing or by the teeth of the cunning crocodile. There has been devoured when fresh rain in Tanzania has brought forth a new flush there.

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