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Arambol sea beach is one of the most beautiful sea beaches in the world. It is a symbol of unique beauty. It is located about 50Km north of panaji, arambol a small remote fishing village has one of the most charming beaches of Goa. The beach attracts the mind of the tourist by its excellent location and great hospitality. Arambol beach is especially in many ways. Apart from offering peace and tranquility, the villages around Arambol also have a hand in enhancing the beauty of Arambol beach in Goa. The behavior of the villagers is friendly. You will introduce with the culture of Goa. It is a crowed beach in Goa.

There are miles and miles of long uninterrupted beaches with well- made tracks running around. It is known as arambol or Harmal, is located about 50Km from the panaji in north Goa. It is the capital of Goa. It is one of the largest coastal villages in pernem district. There are many ways in the village. It is famous as the beautiful beach for its calm and peach. Visitors come here to gather experience nature in its purest form.
It makes one fall in love with its small fishing boats, soft white sand, villages churches and the palm trees in row.

Arambol is the most demanding tourist spot of India. It is worldwide famous for its pristine beaches that provide wonderful opportunity to enjoy vacation in India. Goa tourism has gained popularity by its wildlife parks and sanctuaries, rich heritage and cultural beauty. Every year a large number of tourists come here to visit it. The Gothic, churches, marvelous forts, colonial buildings, heritage templates and colorful fairs enhance the beauty of the sea beach. All these are truly wonderful and are the golden facets of tourism of Goa Indian. It is a number one sea beach in the world. It has achieved ranking first position by its sun kissed beaches covering over 125Km of coastline, seven major rivers and their estuaries, hills and high cliffs etc.

The sea beach is a better place for picnic and swimming. It is an ideal place for tourist looking for peace and tranquility. The people of this area earn their livelihood by catching fish. The Harmal beach is about 2.5 Km from the village bus stop. It is called the queen beach of all beaches in Goa. If you take education from the nature, it will long lasting. A tour can remove all tirades. If you want to get pleasure you must come here.  

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