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Sydney has bondi, La has Venice Rio has Copacabana and ipanema town beaches that are both world famous and a microcosm of their city itself. I lived in Salvador Brazils oldest city, for several years and Porto da barra was where i would come for an early morning swim or a cold beer in the late afternoon. Barrra sea beach is one of the most beautiful sea beaches in the world. It is a unique symbol of beauty. Every year a large number of people come here to visit it. It is located in the city of Salvador. It is located at the entrance of the Baia is quite claim in the Barra sea beach. About 7,000 Km of east facing coast the porto is one of the few facing west and you can see sunsets from here. 

It is called that salvador is Brazils capital of happiness because of its easy going population and popular outdoor parties. The first colonial capital of Brazil, Salvador is one of the oldest in the Americans. Salvador was simply known as Bahia and it is the third most populous Brazilian city. It is famous for its cuisine, music and architecture. The African influence in many cultural aspects of the city makes it the center of Afro Brazilian culture.

The historical center of it is called the pelourinho that is famous for its Portuguese colonial architecture with historical monuments. In 1985,it was declared a world heritage site by UNESCO. Salvador is literally encircled by beaches. People come here to relax, cool off,chill,socialize,eat drink,dance,and of course swim etc. They vary from crowded city beaches great for meeting people to tropical Idylls up and down the coast. As world famous beach, a large number of people get to know in Salvador is porto da barra. It was the Bahia’s first European settlement.

Farol means a beacon here ``light house” the word the name of the small island of the coast of Alexandria Egypt. At the end of the beaches closest to the lighthouse is rocky that was protected by pools making. It is a better place for kids to safely play in the water. The far end of the beach is usually snuffer territory. Itapoan is another sea beach. It is a very beautiful sea beach in Brazil. It used to be a village quite apart from Salvador. After walking 5 Minutes, you will get beyond porto da barra. It is one of the most beautiful promenades in the world. You can get to the lighthouse and enjoy spectacular views of where the Atlantic meets the bay of all saints. 

Salvador became the main entry point for Dutch. During the17th-19th centuries a large number of Jews migrated to Bahia. Their cultural seeded among the colonies. Salvador was influenced by Catholicism.  In 1952 it had become the seat of the first catholic bishopric of Brazil. By 1583 there were living about 1600 people in the city and day after day it turned into one of the largest cities in the new world.
Salvador was divided into an upper and a lower city. Upper city was a place where a large number of populations lived and enjoy various kinds of facilities. The lower city was the financial center with a port and market. Salvador was the first capital of Brazil and achieved it in 1763.Pure oxygen is very essential for healthy body. To take pure oxygen you must go to the sea beach. 

You can only take pure oxygen from sea beaches specially Barra sea beach. Pure oxygen is available here. You can visit here with your family and friends. Every year a large number of tourists come here to visit it. It is a number one sea beach in the world. If you want to gather knowledge, you must go sea beach. It is a source of knowledge. If you take education from the nature, it will long lasting. If you want to gather pleasure, you must come here. A tour can remove all kinds of tirade. If you decide to take food and water from home, it will be quite expensive. If you want to take food nearby, you can do it
There are a lot of hotels for taking rest. There are 5 hotels and 3 restaurants here. If you want to avoid cooking food, you can take a restaurant. If you can camp on the beach, you will enjoy very much. The sea beach will provide you a pretty cold night. if you want to get pleasure you must come here. 

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