Sunday, January 22, 2012


Marmara sea beach is one of the most beautiful sea beaches in the world. It is a symbol of unique beauty known to all. It is located southwestern coast of Crete at the end of Aradena Gorge. Day by day the popularity of the sea beach is increasing. The tavern on top of the cliffs offers a splendid view and some unique dishes including an ancient salad made of beans and served with olive oil and vinegar and a taco – Mexican food aficionados beware, the Cretan taco is crusty bread topped with raw tomato and feta cheese, far closer to an Italian brochette than to anything resembling a Mexican taco.

Most of the world’s avocados are grown in marmara sea beach. If you want to arrive Marmara sea beach, you will be aware of because of there are a lot of slightly trickily passages. You need walking shoes to walk. At the time of raining, you never walk in the gorge of Aradena. On the subject of stones, there are fair amounts of goats in the gorge. You will not pass night nearby it. Pure oxygen and physical exercises are available here. You can walk along the sea beach. In rainy season, you can reach the sea beach by boat. A small boat taking people reach there from Loutro to Marmara at 11.00am. If you have no idea about the village of Aradena, i would recommend you to visit it. 

You can get an excellent idea about the traditional Cretan architecture. If you need to carry on to chora sfakion, it is possible for you. Many people have a misconception that El Nido is a high expensive destination. If you want to take a tour, coast is nothing. To keep healthy body you must need pure oxygen. You can take rest in hotel. You can provide food item from hotels too. Tourist comes here to visit its natural beauty. I remember that to take education from the nature, it will long lasting. If you want to enjoy your life, you must come here. A tour can remove all tirades from our life.    

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