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Tayrona National Park is one of the most popular national park of Colombia.It is located on the Caribbean coast in the north of Colombia. It is about 34 Km from the city of santa Marta. There has an immense natural importance in this region and cultural treasure. It is the highest coastal mountain in the world. It is not directly attached to the majestic Andean mountain range. It has a coastline of 35 Km and rainforest at an altitude of 600 meters. The park covers approximately 30 Km.In the department of Magdalena, just 34 Km from the lovely city of santa marta lies the tayrona national park a sanctuary of nature and archaeological remains that invite an encounter with oneself. Mangrove Swamps, corals, magical dry and humid are home to a surprising Varity of vegetal and animal species that bear witness to life. In 1969 these 12,000 and 3,000 marine hectares were declared for their great biological value. During May, there are two rainy periods. Tayrona national park is a great site for eco- tourism and the stone paths that lead to it are very attractive to tourist. 

In the west of the national park is an arid area with light brown Hills and much of the area used to be the territory of the tayrona. There were approximately 2000 people living there between 450 and 1600 AD. It is located at an altitude of 235 meters. This park is well known natural preserve of Colombia. This 37,000 acre eco- tourism park includes reefs, beaches and tayrona Indian ruins. The temperature varies from 25-30 c, depending on the location. Climate is usually temperate to warm. This place looks like a paradise on earth. Somebody can feel too hot with temperature above 36 c. This beach attracts the mind of the tourist by its natural beauty. White beaches lined with tropical rainforest. When you walk through the shade of the tropical rainforest you will get quite temperatures. There are two rainy season from June – November. The climate is temperate and hot.

The park offers a big variety of Flora and Fauna. There have two ecosystems between the mountain and the sea. Tayrona national park is fascinating with wildlife. There are monkeys, red woodpeckers, iguanas, jaguars, a variety of lizards, tropical marine life and more than 400 species of birds. The vegetation is characterized by the ecological influence. This is a protected area and tourists can visit archeological site of pueblito. The southern part is very beautiful and then toward the west, crossing the following places with clear demarcations on the terrain :
 *santa Rosa Hill
*cielito pick
*Humo Hill

It includes about 108 species of mammals 300 species of birds and more than 70 species of bats are among the parks typical residents. To take pure oxygen, you must go to the tayrona national park. Pure oxygen is very essential for healthy body. Only you can take pure oxygen from the tayrona national park. Pure oxygen is available here. You can visit here with your family and friends. Every year a lot of tourist comes here to visit. It is a number one park among all national parks

If you decide to take food and water from home, it will be quite expensive. If you want to take food near by the park, you can do it. There are 3 restaurants, 2in the Canaveral zone. There are a lot of Hotels for taking rest .About 4-6 peoples can sleep in one cabin. There are also camping zones with a capacity for 76tents. If you want to avoid cooking, you can take a restaurant. If you can camp on the beach, you will enjoy very much.The area of its simply breathtaking. The sea beach will provide to you a pretty cold night. Here swimming and snorkeling will not always possible. If you want to get pleasure, you must come here.    

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