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Regularly gracing  the list of the most beautiful beaches in the world , this half moon of soft , white and is often referred to as Spain’s own ``Caribbean Beach”. Mention spanish beaches and most people instinctively think of the Mediterranean. Yet the wilder, stunning Atlantic coastline of Galicia, just beautiful beaches, has for more dramatic praias – with for fewer people on them. One of the jewels of this coast is on Las islas cies , a 40-minute boat trip from the pretty town of Baiona. It is one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. It attracts the mind of tourist by its beauty. It is a better place for picnic.There is a proverb – if you want to gather a lot of knowledge, you must go outside. So if you go any sea beaches specially ``Las islas cies .”You can enjoy very much during the summer season, it is only opened by the authority. So it is available for the people in summer. Any person can visit ``Las islas cies in summer. The beach is a part of uninhabited glimmering national park near to the city of Vigo. White and Yellow daisies smother the ground stretching beyond the Sand. You can access Las Islas Cies by boat. Gallegos come here to spend long, lazy summer days on the paria das Roads a perfect crescent of soft. Local people call it as ``Caribbean beach” and the water is turquoise enough.

When you dip your toe in the water, the sand white enough believe the comparison. Then you can enjoy very much. Figueiras beach is located in the Northern side of the island which is 500 meters from the boat landing and is around 300 meters long. You will often find people like to be nude on a beach go. It is only open to the public during the summer, arriving by boat and leaving to return to the mainland. Vigo is a very comfortable city to spend a long time because it is located in the North coast of spain. The climate is very soft and cute. The people of spain is very funny. 

At the time of evening, you can stay near the beach under the Umbrella and very interest. In the other hand You can go to the mountain and make a picnic. Las islas cies is a place that is most visited by tourist in summer season. In the afternoon you can visit different museum like as ``art museum” verbum museum and sea museum. Art museum is located in the center and sea museum is located in the Alcabre. At night you can go for a walk. There you can go to see ``The Nautico” and the different boards.

The most popular street for dancing is ``Elarenal”.If you want to dance, you can go there. The place is more visited by teenager’s shopping center and you can go to spend your time with your friends. If you want to get pleasure, you must come here. I assure, you must enjoy very much.                                                

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